Assembly candidate also wants 5-year lifetime lid on welfare benefits


State Assembly candidate Ken Mettler announced that one of his first initiatives if elected will be to introduce legislation requiring recipients of state welfare payments to undergo drug testing before receiving any benefits.

"This is common sense. We should imitate Arizona in two respects - enforcing the laws regarding illegal immigration and requiring welfare recipients to pass a drug test before they receive taxpayer dollars," stated Mettler.

Mettler will propose legislation that mandates test before receiving tax dollars Kern County...

In Arizona, welfare recipients are now asked three questions about drug use. If they answer "yes" to any, they are sent to drug testing. If they test positive, they lose benefits for a year.

Mettler also advocates imposing a lifetime limit of 5 years - which other states have adopted. “

“We must enforce the welfare work requirements because only 22% of the CA welfare recipients are in compliance,” he said Monday.

"CA has three times the national average of welfare recipients. We have 12% of the nation's population but 30% of the welfare recipients," Mettler continued. "Certainly, the mandate that welfare recipients not be spending tax dollars on illegal drugs should be an obvious place to start. Enforcing the law regarding illegal immigration will only save even more taxpayer dollars and get California back on the right track."