Urgent Care employees, facility commended


The Kern County Grand jury issued a report Tuesday morning with a lot of positive findings about the West Side Health Care District and the West Side Urgent Care.

Here is the full text of the report:




The Health, Education and Social Services Committee (Committee) of the 2009-2010 Kern County Grand Jury visited the West Side Health Care District (District) and inquired into the history and current operation in accordance with California Penal Code §933.5.


On April 21, 2010, the Committee met with the Medical Director of West Side Urgent Care thru Emergency Medical Services Group, Clinical Administrator of Hilliard Staffing, Director of Operations of Hilliard Staffing, Administrator of Emergency Medical Services Group and the six elected Board Members (Board) of the West Side Health Care District located in Taft, California. After a tour of the new facility the Board President and several of the urgent care personnel discussed the operation of the District and answered the Committee’s questions.


The District was originally organized under Local Hospital District law as set forth in the California Health and Safety Code. The District owned and operated the West Side District Hospital from 1947 until 1998 when it was sold to a private entity. The hospital was closed August 31, 2003. The District entered into an agreement with a private medical group to manage West Side Urgent Care Center, opened the facility in January 2004 and moved to the present location in March 2010. The District serves the residents of Lost Hills, McKittrick, Taft and Maricopa with a total a population of 18,000.


The Board meets once a month and members receive a monthly stipend of $100.

The District’s budget is derived primarily from property tax revenue and unrestricted investment earnings.

In addition to District personnel Hilliard Staffing provides 24 employees and Emergency Medical Services Group provides five employees to support the operations of the District.

The West Side Urgent Care Center facility is equipped with the most current digital medical equipment for patient diagnoses.

The District provides sports physicals for school athletic activities, flu shots for community members and participates in an annual Relay for Life fund raiser.

All Board members are currently certified in ethics training and seemed knowledgeable in the duties of members of the District.

The District hopes to have a heliport installed in the near future which will greatly improve urgent medical care.


The Committee commends the Board and the West Side Urgent Care District employees on the dedication and care shown to clients/patients.


The West Side Health Care District should post a copy of this report where it will be available for public review.

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