148-pound power lifter, who played football at Taft College, presses 405 pounds; Dick Russell wins heavyweight division

Scott Layman was the smallest man in the contest, but he came up big.


The 149-pound UPS driver from Bakersfield, who played football at Taft College in 1990-91, was the overall champion Saturday in the 12th annual Samson’s Gym bench press championships.

It was the ninth time in the history of the local weight-lifting event that Layman has been crowned the best pound-for-pound lifter.

It was no surprise.

He is one of the best power lifters in the country.

Layman has won four national titles.

In last July’s USPF nationals, he squatted 600 pounds, bench-pressed 374 and dead-lifted 573 pounds for a total of 1,574 pounds.

In the American Cup Invitational Power Lifting championships in Los Angeles last January, Layman lifted 1,504 pounds (595 squat, 380 bench, 529 dead-lift).

In Samson’s contest all he and the others had to do was the bench press.

His best of the day was 405 pounds, which is 271.81 percent of his body weight.

Brothers Michael and Brian Risenhoover took second and third, respectively, with lifts of 380 (238%) and 345 (226%).  Michael weighs 160 and Brian 153.

One of the highlights of the event was the effort by 63-year-old Taftian Dick Russell, who was a shot put and discuss champion at Taft High School just a few years back.

Russell won the heavyweight division by lifting 445 pounds or 187 percent of his body weight.

Results in every category were based on percent of body weight lifted.

Other results, with weight lifted and percent of body weight in parenthesis:

Women’s open: 1. Lisa Piotrouski, 235* (163), 2. Judy Camsuzou 230 (151%)

High School: 1. Pablo Hernandez, 260 (174), 2. Jonathan Alfaro, 415 (238), 3. Daniel Watts, 250 (144)

Lightweight: 1. Scott Layman 405 (272), 2. Michael Risenhoover 380 (238), 3. Brian Risenhoover 245 (225).

Middleweight: 1. Ken Fasulo 405 (224)

Light heavyweight: 1. Robert Miller 430 (201), 2. Matt Nixon 405 (190), 3. Cameron Parsons 380 (178)

Heavyweight: 1. Dick Russell 445 (187), 2. Louis Seal 445 (178), 3. Tom Fischer 405 (242)

Super heavyweight: 1. Steve Denison 535 (198), 2, Travis Plumlee (345 (125)

* Denotes new record

The event is organized by Samson’s Gym owners Travis and Andrea Botts and sponsored by: Accelerated Environmen-tal

Hudddleston Crane

 Pride Athletics, Cooper’s Petroleum General Production Service


H&E Equipment Ser-vices

MTS Stimulation Services

Westside Believers Fellowship.

It was held at Westside Believers and covered for an enthusiastic audience and DVD by four high definition cameras that displayed the competition on two 15-foot screens.