Juveniles reportedly seen running from scene of fire

Two outbuilding and a large tree were destroyed by fire in Ford City Tuesday afternoon.
The fire broke out about 4 p.m. in a shed at the rear of 410 Pierce Street and climbed the large tree.
It then spread to a shed next door at 412 Pierce, Kern County Fire Battalion Chief Jim Glaser said.
Glaser said the fire had engulfed one shed and the tree when firefighters arrived on scene and was spreading to the second building.
Firefighting efforts were hampered by downed power lines laying on top on top of one of the metal buildings, making it dangerous to put water on.
Total damage is estimated to be as high as $50,000.
Most of the damage was to the building at 410 Pierce where the fire broke out. That small structure held  the personal belongings of the owner of  the home at that address.
That house  was heavily damaged by a fire  a year ago.
That house is now vacant.
Glaser said the cause of the fire is still under investigation but it definitely human caused.
He said witnesses reported seeing juveniles running from the area just before the fire was discovered.