He was not wearing helmet and drove into path of car on Highway 119 in Valley Acres. CHP releases details of crash

The youth injured when he rode his dirt bike into the path of a car in Valley Acres Tuesday morning was not wearing a helmet and suffered major head injures.
The California Highway Patrol identified him only as a 17-year old male.
He was riding a dirt bike westbound on Orange Street and  was struck broadside by a car  going north on Highway 119 driven by a Taft woman.
That driver, identified as Holly Melton, 42, of Taft, was unable to avoid the collision, a CHP officer said.
It is not known if the motorcyclist stopped or not before proceeding into the intersection, CHP spokesman Will Simco said.
“We don't know if the kid actually stopped or not,” Simco said. “He pulled right out in front of  her and she  could not avoid a collision.”
The motorcycle was stuck in third gear after the crash, Simco said.
 The rider was thrown onto the hood of Melton's car and into the windshield before rolling off and landing on a dirt shoulder.
Melton was not injured.
 The motorcycle rider also suffered a broken ankle and broken shin and abrasions in addition to his head injuries.
He was taken from the accident scene to a landing pad near the Elk Hills main entrance and transferred to a helicopter that flew him to Kern Medical Center.
The crash occurred about 6:30 a.m. Traffic  on the busy highway was interrupted for about an hour.