Local group started as class project at Taft High. Band has lofty goals

It started as a Taft High School class project three years ago and has blossomed into a collaboration they hope will lead to Nashville.
That destination, they admit, is a long way off so they'll be content to see where each step takes them.
Two of those steps for the up-and-coming Taft band "Good Question" are occurring now.
One is an album the five-member band is recording at American Sound in Bakersfield.
The second are three appearances at next month's Taft Oildorado Days celebration, including an appearance as the cover band for the Eddie Money downtown street concert.  "Good Question" also will make two feature appearances in the Oildorado Pavilion.
Band members are Ryan Coulter (lead vocals), Taylor Unruh (lead and rhythm guitar), Ethan Morris (drums), Shawn Wynn (bass) and Alec Olivieri (lead and rhythm guitar and vocals).
All but Olivieri are 2007 graduates of Taft High where the four got together for a class project on how recordings are made.  That evolved into the band.
"Things didn't truly start until after our senior year," Coulter said.  "We started as a garage band and still are pretty much a garage band, but we are trying to break out of that."
The band has done gigs in San Miguel and at Buck Owens' Cyrstal Palace in Bakersfield.
That's where Olivieri, a graduate of Stockdale High, heard them and, after a post-performance chat, joined up.
The band's music is rooted in country, but with an edge.
"It tip-toes along the lines between rock and country," Coulter said.  "I can't listen to 90 percent of country because I don't like where country music is going."
He said the band believes country music can move in different directions.
"We think country can be new age and still have the country twang.  I guess you'd call what we do progressive country."
There are traces of blues and jazz in the way the band treats country.
Garret Tuckness, the band's manager, said the album that is in the works should be finished by the end of the year.
"It takes time," he said.  "We've laid down the rhythm tracks.  We're trying to get a demo out.  We don't want to rush it.  We want to do it right."
Finishing the album is a big step.
"After the CD comes out, we hope to expand more," said drummer Morris.
The band's next appearance will be Oct. 3 at the 100th anniversary of famous Bakersfield eatery Luigi's.
At last Sunday's rehearsal (the band can get together only on weekends for now), they were learning how to perform "That's Amore."
The road to Nashville will be long and bumpy, the members of "Good Question" admit.
But they all have one prize in sight.
"We definitely want to go big," Unruh said.