Gypsy Freeman's book 'Nuggets for the Soul' has been accepted by publisher, but she needs funding

A local minister and Christian writer is poised to get her first book published, but she needs a little help from the community.
Gypsy Freeman seeking community sponsorship as a buy-in to get her first book published through a Christian publishing house.
Her first book (she already has a second in mind) is called “Nuggets for the Soul” offers encouragement for everyday living and its a book for everyone, she said.
“It's a book of encouragement. Hope and encouragement – that's my ministry,” she said in an interview last week. “In this day and age we need all the encouragement we can get.”
As a licensed minster and experienced  Christian columnist, its obviously written from a Christian perspective.
“It's filled with hope and God's promises,” Freeman said.
It's a book for everyone, she emphasized.
“It speaks to the masses – that's why the publisher picked it,” she said. “It's for everyone in all walks of life. It's not  a book about religion. It's a book about faith.”
That is a very important distinction to Freeman.
“Religion is man made. Faith is something God gave us. Faith is created by God.”
Freeman has written a column for the Midway Driller for the past 3-½ years and is on hiatus while she runs for the Taft City Council. Her column will resume after the Nov. 2 election.
A licensed minister, Freeman has ministered locally through Building Stone Ministeries and the New Life Community Church.
She has been in the writing ministry for  about five years and said writing books was something that she knew would come.
“The very first time I was God-inspired to write I felt I was changed,” she said
She felt God wanted her in the writing ministry.
“It was at that point I knew that at some point I would write a book.”
Freeman draws her ideas from many sources.
“My inspiration comes from a lot of different places – things I watch on television,  things I hear and  then God puts little thoughts in my mind.”
“Nuggets for the Soul” has already ben accepted by Tate Publishing, a Christian book publisher, and Freeman has signed a contract.
Tate will sell the book through major retail and online distributors including  Amazon, Barnes&Noble and others.
Tate will cover the cost of editing, printing and publicizing her book, but it has an “author investment contract.”
That investment will be refunded after he book goes on sale, but Freeman needs help to raise the $3,995 necessary to get the book published.
She will be accepting donations through the Midway Driller.
Checks and cash donations can be dropped off at the newspaper office, 800 Center Street. Donations should be made in person so they can be acknowledged.
Everyone who donates will get a receipt and be recognized, Freeman said.
“Whether you donate one dollar or $1,000, you will be acknowledged in my book,” she said.?