Family overwhelmed  by turnout at fundraiser for young man paralyzed in dirt bike crash

The community came out to show its love and support for one of its own Saturday.?Dozens of volunteers and scores of supporters came to the Taft Goodyear Store for a fundraiser for Matt Fuller.
The 21-year-old was injured on Sept. 11 in a dirt bike accident that has left him, for the time being at leasat, paralyzed from the chest down.
“What a turnout,” was all his grand father, Joe Fuller could said. He treated it two more times. “Only in Taft.”
Matt's father, Joe Fuller Jr. said it was humbling to see everyone who wants to help his son.
“I'm at a loss for words. This is unreal,” Joe Jr. said as people washed cars that were lined up 10 and 12 cars deep at times, barbecued meat, donated and purchased items and even participated in a dunk tank, all to raie money to help with matt's medical bills.
“This is a small town for you. I don't think you'd get this many people in Bakersfield,” Joe Jr. said, wearing a shirt with his son's initials on the front and “We (heart) Matt” on the back.”
Many others wore that same shirt and alos wore white “Support Matt” hats
Matt's aunt, Beverly Musgrave called the event a huge success.
“So many people gave from their hearts with donated goods and services offered!  It was an amazing feat by everyone involved,” she said.
People donated everything from bicycles to furniture for a yard sale, got their cars washed, paid to buy balls for the dunk tank, bought goods at a bake sale and barbecue and just donated cash, all to help Matt.
He is currently at Bakersfield Hospital awaiting a transfer to Health South to begin rehabilitation.
He was injured when his dirt bike crashed near Wasco two weeks before the big fundraiser.
 His father said the young man is “doing a little better” after undergoing surgery to stabilize his spine.
At first, it was thought that the spinal cord had been severed, leaving him with no hope of ever walking again.
But during surgery it was found that the cord was badly bruised and compressed, but not severed.
Matt still faces huge odds, but now there's a ray of hope,
“The doctors said there's a 98 percent chance that he won't walk again,” Joe. Fuller Jr. said. “We got two percent back and that's a whole lot more than we had before.”
Donations for Matt can still be sent to Chevron Valley Credit Union. Make the checks out to Joe Fuller Jr. with the notation that the checks are for Matt Fuller.