A day after Hippo runs out of money and bounces checks, fans start getting their money back

Frustrated music fans started getting refunds on their advance tickets for the Marty Stuart concert Thursday.
Just before noon, a woman walked into the Hippo Entertainment office next to the Fox Theater, opened the door, and started handing out cash to people who brought their tickets in.
Julie Cook was relieved to walk out into the noon sun with cold cash in her hands.
“I got my money. I got my money,” she said.
Cook came down Wednesday to pick up her refund but found the theater and office closed and no one around.
“No one was here,” she said. She had purchased two $40 tickets and her daughter bought two for the cancelled June 3 concert.
About 11:50 a.m., the door opened to the office and Cook and a half dozen or so others who had lined up got their refunds.
Cook got $160 in cash for her tickets.
She was afraid she wasn't going to get anything.
“I was very skeptical. I got a heck of a runaround,” she said.
Yalonda Hodges also came Wednesday looking for a refund. She was one of the first in line Thursday.
She was at the office twice Wednesday looking for a refund but didn't see anything.
Hippo Entertainment was supposed to hand out refunds on Wednesday.
Hippo's Eric Derrington said he handed out more than $1,500 but Cook and others said they never saw anyone get their money.