RCIU investigating three thefts in the area

The Kern County Sheriff's Rural Crimes unit is investigating three recent thefts from the Westside.
Detective Robert Winn is investigating the cases. Contact him at 392-4370 or email WinnR@kernsheriff.com if you have any information about the thefts.
Property was stolen from two oil rig sites located on a lease near 25401 Highway 33.  The following property was reported stolen:  One yellow Champion Generator, one Craftsman 48” pipe wrench, three hammers, two 18” pipe wrenches, two 24” pipe wrenches, two 36” pipe wrenches, one chisel set, two end wrenches, two crescent wrenches, four lanyards, a safety harness, a pair of electricians gloves, one air horn, and approximately 80 gallons of diesel fuel.  Refer to case #SR11-12951.   
A Honda GX120 engine and a water pump were taken from an oilfield production site located in the area of Highway 33 and Hovey Hills Road.    Refer to case #SR11-12248.
Fuel was stolen from two separate work sites located near 25 Hill Road.  Refer to case #SR11-12949.