More and more equipment sent to large fire. Smoke visible from Taft

The brush fire in northwest Kern County continues to spread rapidly.
Named the Antelope Fire, it started jut after 10 a.m. Sunday at the base of the Temblors 7 miles south of Highway 46 near Antelope Road west of Highway 33.
The fire had grown to 900 acres shortly after noon, then was reported at 2,000 acres an hour later.
The fire is started in the flatlands but was soon spreading into the Temblor Range and was reported burning into mixed chaparral vegetation in higher terrain.
Smoke from the fire can be seen from Taft on the western horizon
It is being pushed by erratic winds and the fire was reported spotting ahead of itself.
More and more equipment is being sent to the scene, including additional dozers,  helicopters, engines and handcrews.
They will supplement more than a dozen engines and patrols already on the scene. At least four air tankers are on the fire.
Several water dropping helicopters are also on scene with more being requested.
Four structures of unknown type were reported threatened about 1:45 p.m.
Two strike five engine teams of type III engines were orded just after 1 p.m.
Type III engines are wildland trucks similar to the engine at the BLM's Midway station in Taft.
One strike team is coming from Kern County including engines from Bear Valley, Woody, Southlake, Edison and Lebec.