Man was walking on road on Chevron property when dirt collapses

The man who fell in a sinkhole west of Taft died in the accident.
Kern County Fire Department  spokesman Sean Collins told the Midway Driller that the victim “was walking along a road when the ground beneath him gave way.”
The victim fell 20 to 30 feet below ground level.
There were other people with the victim at the time but he was the only one who fell in the hole.
The sinkhole possibly contained steam and hot oil, sources have told the Midway Driller
The incident occurred on Chevron property south of entrance 20 on Midoil Road about 10:50 a.m.
Collins said firefighters are still trying to recover the victim's body.
CalOSHA is also en route to the scene.
The victim's identity has not been released yet.