Two more figures to be added in the fall

The Oilworker Monument has undergone some minor modifications and is awaiting a major addition.
Signs have been placed on the front steps to Taft's $1.2 million tribute to the oilworker asking not to climb on the monument structures and warning them that the monument is monitored by video cameras.
The monument committee and others in the community have been concerned about people stepping on the memorial bricks that surround Benjamin Victor's sculpture and people who climb on or hang from the three oilworker statues.
The bigger news will be coming in the fall,
Vic Killingsworth, chairman of the monument committee,  announced  last week at the Taft Chamber of Commerce's weekly Sit n' Sip that Victor has completed his clay sculpture of a woman and small boy that will be used to cast an additional sculpture to be added near the monument.
The statues will represent the wife and son of one of the workers bringing lunch to one of the worker's on the derrick.
Killingsworth said the new bronze figure will be installed in the fall.
In the meantime, brick sales are continuing but the space for memorial bricks is rapidly dwindling.
Killingsworth said there is room only for about 200 more bricks.
Bricks can be purchased through the Taft Chamber of Commerce.