Recipe for vegetarian quesadilla goes to the White House

A piece of the Taft City School District has been sent to the White House.
Yes, THE White House.
A recipe created by a team from the school district’s food staff won the prestigious Kern County School Chef Showdown has been sent to the capitol.
Now that recipe could cross the desk of First Lady Michelle Obama, who has been waging a national battle against childhood obesity and advocating healthy food choices for youngsters.
The TCSD team took a bow at Wednesday’s school board meeting, showing off their hardware as their boss, Peggy Goss, explained the competition to the trustees.
“It was a really close competition,” she said.  “We had to make sure it met all the nutrition guidelines.”
It not only met all those requirements, but also scored high in taste and appearance.
“We tried it out on our summer school students, and they really liked it,” she said.  
Taft’s team of Lanette Wilson, Chrissy Lee, Stacy Hoffman and Kaila Hoffman won the district a $1,000 gift certificate from contest sponsor J & E Restaurant Supply along with team and individual trophies.
“These guys were just spectacular,” Goss said.  “They performed so well with a lot of people watching them.  They had a time limit.  Because we are the reigning champions we get to go straight to the finals next year.”
The Taft team prepared a tasty vegetarian quesadilla that consisted of mozzarella cheese, spinach, red onion tidbits and mushrooms served on a wheat tortilla.
They coupled that with a fresh summer squash salad that was made with a variety of raw squash wedges and zucchini wedges whisked together with apple cider vinegar, pepper, garlic, all toped with a wisp of grated parmesan cheese.
“I’m not a veggie guy, but that was really good,” said school board member John Montgomery.
“We had to create an item that was vegetarian,” Goss said.  “We used a whole grain tortilla, and the kids really went for that.”
On the side the team served a slice of pineapple cake topped with strawberries and blueberries.
“We used a pound cake mix and pineapple,” Goss said.  “There was no oil in it.  It hardly had any fat in it at all.  We invented that.”