Oil industry attorney first candidate to replace Ray Watson, who is not seeking reelection.

Less than a week after Fourth District Supervisor Ray Watson announced he wouldn't seek reelection in 2012, the first candidate  to replace him on the Kern County Board of Supervisors has thrown his hat into the ring.
Harley Pinson, a petroleum industry attorney, made it officials with his announcement on Monday.
“I’m running because our county needs both to improve the local business climate and to make our county government better serve its citizens,” said Pinson, who worked several years for Occidental of Elk Hills.
Pinson offered two main points:
“First, we need to increase the number of private sector jobs in our community.  County government must act to create a healthier business climate that will lead to increased private sector investment and more employment.  The Board of Supervisors should do two things:  a. Consider the impact on the business climate of any action it takes, and b. Streamline its processes and eliminate unnecessary roadblocks to investment.
“Second, our county needs to focus on delivering its essential services more efficiently and cost effectively.   We must focus on the elimination of delays and duplication.  We must identify ways to maintain a high level of essential services while reducing the burden on taxpayers.”
Pinson and his wife, Cindy, have lived in Kern County for over 30 years, and have two grown children.  Pinson is a graduate of U.C. Santa Barbara, and of McGeorge School of Law.