City Council votes 5-0 to rename Seventh Street between Kern and Emmons Park Drive

It's official.
Seventh Street between Kern and Emons Park Drive will be renamed “Wildcat Way” in honor of Taft Union High School and its 100th birthday.
The Taft City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve the request.
The street name change will only affect four houses, said city manager Bob Gorson.
It will also affect the Taft College residence halls (often referred to as the Seventh Street dorms) and the Kern County Library.
TUHS Superintendent Mark Richardson spoke to the council before it voted, but they didn't need any convincing.
“We hope the name change will be a symbol of what  the City of Taft means to Taft High and what Taft High means to the City of Taft,” Richardson said.
When Mayor Randy Miller asked for a motion, Councilman Ron Waldrop said he “would be proud to make that motion.”
The vote was 5-0.
“I'm proud to be a member of the Class of 1963 of Taft High School,” Miller said.
Councilman Paul Linder was a long time TUHS employee, ending a two-decade career as director of maintenance, operations and transportation and said it was the “best 20 years of my career.”
The high school district is going to cover all the costs related to the name change.
Gorson said the street will be renamed all the way to Kern Street at the Kern County Fire Department's request, because they prefer to have the new name on a major street for visibility purposes.
Gorson said city staff contacted the four residents who will be affected and they didn't object.