One cuts regulations of flight schools already regulated by federal laws, second aims to improve unclaimed property program

 Governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown, Jr. has signed two bills by State Senator Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield) that will eliminate duplicitous regulation and improve the administration of the State’s unclaimed property program.  
SB 619 will eliminate duplicitous state regulation of flight instruction schools and flight instructors.  As flight instructors and flight instruction is already regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration because of the need for uniform instruction across the country, there is no need for the State of California to further regulate these institutions.  Unfortunately, the legislature passed legislation in 2009 that would have required these schools and instructors to pay several thousand dollars in fees and be subject to duplicitous and unnecessary requirements.
“The number one complaint I get from small businesses in my district is that they are being regulated to death.  While I would like to see much broader regulatory reform, during my time in the Legislature, I am going to continue to fight overregulation and bring common sense to the process, even if it is just one industry at a time,” said Senator Fuller.  
Also signed by Governor Brown was Senate Bill 495, legislation that continues to improve upon the state’s unclaimed property program.
Amongst other technical aspects, this legislation requires the State Controller to hold personal property of sentimental value for a total of 7 years before it can be disposed of.  Current law allows items of no value to the state to be disposed of after 18 months.  The bill also requires some additional reporting to owners before their property escheats to the state.
For further information on the state’s unclaimed property program or to find out if the state is holding your personal property, go to

“If for some reason property has gone unclaimed and it is turned over to the state, it is imperative that the State do everything possible to find the rightful owners, while taking care of the property for a long enough period that allows the owners to come forward,” said Senator Fuller.