Teeth reported stolen at Taft College

8:09am Animal Control 905R in class rooms. Incident location was 810 N. Sixth St, Lincoln Jr High School, Taft. Animal pickup.

8:56am Misc. - Other Service Officer initiated activity at Burger King, 309 Gardner Field Rd, Taft. Completed.

9:30am Taft P.D. Warrant Arrest Officer initiated activity at 100 Tenth St, Taft. Arrest made.

11:12am Public Intoxication Possible drunk in public lying on the ground, unable to locate subject. Incident location was 700 Center St, Taft. Unable to locate.

12:08pm Petty Theft - $51 to $200 Incident location was 1 Victor St, Taft. Report taken.

1:10pm Petty Theft - $51 to $200 Theft of teeth report, unable to make contact with reporting party. Incident location was 29 Emmons Park Dr, Taft College, Taft. Completed. Unable to contact on 10-21 provided by RP.

1:38pm Animal Control 905R black and poodle apr. Incident location was 300 E. Lucard St, Taft. Completed.

5:29pm Checks - Non Sufficient Funds
RP stated that his ex is writing checks on a closed account they shared. Incident location was 1092 W Kern St, Chevron Valley Credit, Taft. Completed.

8:08pm Bicycle Theft 115 Loma Vista, 488 report. Report taken.

9:17pm Hit and Run with Prop Damage, No Injury Dark colored hatchback. incident location was 300 E. Kern St, Taft. Report taken.

11:26pm Misc. - Patrol Check Officer initiated activity at A St Park, 600 A St, Taft. Log note only.

12:32am Misc. - Patrol Check Officer initiated activity at Fred's Cigarette Store, 1006 Sixth St, Taft. Completed.
 Criddle, Alan Gary, criminal threats, misdemeanor warrant