Burglary suspect arrested

7:39am N/alley. Gry vehicle with doors open. Incident location was 200 Warren St, Taft. Checks OK.

7:58am Officer initiated activity at 400 E. San Emidio St, Taft. Moving violation cite.

9:22am Male 20's, blk t shirt on BMX, dot east on Finley toward Fourth St, bike tried coming in house. Possible attempt burglary. Incident location was 420 Finley Dr, Creekside Apartments, Taft. Arrest made.

11:09am Incident location was 105 E. Woodrow St, Taft. Arrest made. Report taken and cite released for warrant.

2:37pm Incident location was 1210 Fourth St, Taft. Warning (Verbal/written)

5:07pm Female 50's at a table, blonde hair, sunglasses on head, blue skirt. Incident location was 309 Gardner Field Rd, Burger King, Taft. Arrest made.

5:43pm Cancel assignment. Neighbors had played a prank.

6:23pm Incident location was Sixth St/Rails to Trails, Taft. Assisted.

7:59pm Older Ford van w/males sitting inside possible 647(f)/550. Incident location was 301 Gardner Field Rd, Kmart, Taft. Gone on arrival.

9:30pm Santa Barbara Sheriff reported. Incident location was 320 Commerce Wy, Taft. Arrest made.

10:31pm Officer initiated activity at 228 Olive Av, South Taft. Completed.

11:03pm Officer initiated activity at Sixth St/Lucard St, Taft. Completed.

12:42am Officer initiated activity at Next Step Cardio and Fitness Club, 506 Center St, Taft. Open door on side of business. Doesn't appear to be anyone at business at this time. Checks OK. Business is unoccupied, securing business at this time.

2:35am Back room motion. Incident location was 1277 Kern St #A, Taft. Report taken.

3:31am Sounds like someone is in the back alley messing around with something. Incident location was 531 Center St, Messenger Automotive, Taft. Arrest made.

4:53am Officer initiated activity at 209 Fourth St, Taft. Completed.

5:07am Officer initiated activity at 408 San Emidio St #1/2, Taft. Arrest made.

Hodges, Nikolas Stroud burglary
Speegle, Joshua Lynn felony warrant