Everything from squatters to truants to theft to parolee arrest

6:43 am – Misc. Disturbance Center St. Gone on Arrival
6:52 am – Found property report Incident location was Adkisson Way, Taft. Property returned to owner
8:30 am – Truant from school Officer initiated activity at Fifth St., Taft. Completed.
8:30 am – Assault – Non aggravated Incident location was Church St., Taft. Unfounded
8:54 am – Truant from school Officer initiated activity at Olive Ave., Taft. Completed.
11:11 am – Disturbing the peace 415 Verbal between the workers on the premise and tenants of apartment. Incident location was Lucard St., Taft. Civil problem
12:09 pm – Disturbing the peace Subject walked into the residence without permission from him but from the female half of the residence and started a 415. Incident location was Franklin Ave., Taft. Civil problem.
1:48 pm – Animal control Woodlawn Ave. Animal pickup
1:51 pm – Trespassing House to the East of house has squatters inside. Incident location was on Kern St., Taft. Warning.
3:16 pm – Possession paraphernelia Incident location was Fifth St., Taft. Arrest Made.
4:18 pm – Misc. – extra patrol Male sub urinating in alley. Incident location was Lucard St. Unable to locate.
5:10 pm – Theft under $50 Calvin St. Completed.
6:08 pm – Misc.- other service Officer initiated activity at Center St., Taft. Completed.
6:24 pm – Misc. – other service Officer initiated activity at Lucard St., Taft. Completed.
7:39 pm – Suspicious Person Incident location was North St., Taft. Completed.
1:07 am – Disturbing the peace Incident location was Center St., Taft. Completed.
1:21 am – Vehicle Check Officer initiated activity at E. Main St., Taft. Completed.
2:03 am – Misc. – extra patrol Officer initiated activity at Kern St., Taft. Completed.

Aaron Joseph Stanley Parole hold, felony warrant, possession of paraphenelia