Flat screen TV, laptop taken

Kern County Sheriff's deputies made an arrest in a Ford City burglary last week.

Deputies had been investigating the theft of several items, including a flat screen television, laptop computer and hand tools, from a residence in the 100 block of Taylor on March 12
Sgt. Martin Downs said deputies got help from a witness who saw the suspect hiding the items taken in the burglary and a partial suspect description.

That led them to a suspect, identified as Bryan Landreth, 22, Downs said.

Deputies conducted a probation search at Landreth's home on Victor Street.

Landreth was not there, Downs said, but deputies found some illegal drugs and obtained a warrant for Landreth's arrest.

On April 5 at 11:25 a.m. they located him in the 400 block of Finley Drive.
They found evidence on Landreth linking him to the Taylor Street burglary when he was arrested, Downs said.