City will be cracking down on cars, junk and weeds this summer

Unregistered of junk/inoperable/vehicles/parts have no place in somebody’s yard and will be getting some extra attention this summer from Taft's code enforcement officer.
The city code bans junked, non-operable expired registrations, parted out vehicles within the city limits – including driveways, front yards, under car ports, alleys and on unapproved services – Exception: The vehicle(s) can be stored behind a nontransparent fence or in a garage as long as it’s completely blocked from view. The vehicle(s) can also be made current on the registration and street legal, as long as it is not being used for junk storage, flat tires, weeds or trash around vehicle.
Please help improve the appearance of your city by keeping your yard free of unsightly vehicle(s).
Winter rains bring about a pesky problem, but the City’s Code Enforcement has a few helpful hints:
It’s time to dust off the Weed Eater and whack the unsightly brush and thorny weeds from your property. Failure to do so could hit City of Taft property owners where it hurts the most - in the pocketbook.
Taft city’s weed abatement ordinance requires property owners to clear weeds from the property, including curbs, gutters, alleys, sidewalks and fence lines which help prevent safety hazards (i.e. breeding place for rodents, hidden trash such as cans and broken glass, etc.)
The Taft Code enforcement is encouraging residents to take steps now to control weeds and grass before it becomes a problem.
To help residents and business owners win the battle against weeds, Code Enforcement urge you to follow the following helpful hints from Valley horticulture experts:
Keep grass cut and trimmed in your yard, along buildings and fences.
Dig out already emerged weeds early before they get out-of-control.
Use an herbicide (like Roundup) on large weed areas, but be sure to keep away from other vegetation. Apply pre-emergent weed killers twice a year (fall and late winter before major rains is best). Stay on top of it! A little weeding twice a week will help you avoid a big job down the road.