Family places bench at BV Golf Course

There’s a bench at the Mifflin-Buena Vista Golf Course now commemorating the life of a popular coach and golf club mender.

The par-3, No. 2 hole at the county-run course now sports a bench honoring Fernando Amorteguy, who died March 11.

“Now people will be able to sit and relax and maybe remember Fernando,” said his widow, Isabelle.

She said the bench not only marks Fernando’s connection with the sport that was so much a part of his life but it also pokes fun at something he was not good at.

“He had a reputation for being a terrible driver,” she said. “Well, he may not have been able to drive a car but he sure could drive a golf ball.”

Amorteguy coached golf at Taft College for many years and took the Cougars to the state playoffs in basketball as well.

He also operated a successful golf club business, repairing clubs and building new ones not only for locals but for professional players as well.

Among his clients he counted a number of professionals, including Tiger Woods.

Amorteguy had a mobile fix-it business he was authorized to take to LPGA tour events on the West Coast.

His connection with basketball dates back to his friendship with the legendary Bill Russell, who frequently stopped in Taft when the NBA icon was in California.

When Russell dropped by Amorteguy always took him to BV for a round of golf.

Russell also directed and appeared at basketball camps at Taft College.