Company bills for inspections that weren't performed, KCFD says

Here is a consumer alert from the Kern County Fire Department:

The Kern County Fire Department wishes to alert the public of a scam. A

Company calling itself RMZ Fire and Safety located at 310 North Indian Hill Blvd #316

Claremont, CA 91711 is sending invoices to businesses for annually state required fire safety

equipment inspection test and certification; this company is requiring payment of $413.11.

These imposters have been using deceptive methods to convince businesses to

pay for a service that was not performed. Watch out for letters in the mail from this company

and if you have received any invoices please do the following:

•Contact your local fire department

•Do not pay any portion of the bill

•Contact your local US Postal Service

The Kern County Fire Department does not endorse these methods of inspections.

We want your business, your employees and your clients safely protected from

fire. Kern County Fire Department will perform an annual fire inspection which includes

looking at your business and fire suppression systems and portable extinguishers. If you

receive any invoices or you have any questions, please contact Kern County Fire Department

Fire Prevention unit at 661-391-7080.