Zack Long wins three awards, bowls 300

There’s so much that can happen in the course of a twelve month span with some of it being good and some of it being bad.

Taft bowler Zack Long on the other hand has had one of those years he would rather not forget capped by his winning three awards recently at the TPC banquet in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“It was very big,” Long said of winning those awards.

One of the awards was bowler of the year for the Southern California Conference.

The second one was for the Mojave All Stars team  and bowler of the year for all conference that included New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Nevada.

While he was winning awards at the banquet, Long competed in the Junior bowlers tournament (also held in Las Vegas) Saturday and Sunday where he finished sixth out of 73.

Winning the awards, was not the only highlight Long had over the previous year.

This past September, Long pulled off a rare feat in bowling a perfect game of 300.

“It was an amazing feeling,” he said. “I feel like I achieved so much that day.”

While that was a big accomplishment for Long, there is a number even bigger that Long wants to get.

According to Long the next big thing is an 800. An 800 is an achievement for three games. So far his closest is 744.

“In my opinion, 800 is better than a 300,” he said. “That’s a really big achievement.”

Long feels his game has changed over the course of the past year. A year ago, Long’s average was a 150, now it is a 190.

He has also competed in more tournaments in a season that runs from August until July. In that span Long has competed in places like Southern California, Arizona, Texas and Chicago, Illinois.

In Chicago, Long took part in the Gold Championship where he beat close to half the field. He also has gone from handicap to the scratch level which just counts your score.

When he is not competing in a tournament, Long tries to bowl every other day.

Long has a goal going forward.

“Just to place the highest I can and hope for the best,” he said.

Long said that the next level is college.