Saturday, September 19

Division I


Comets 8, Angels 0

Comets scoring-C. Miranda (three), F. Rivera (two), A. Sanchez (three) Assists-C. Miranda (one), A. Sanchez (one)

Evolution 2, The Galaxy 2

Evolution goals-B. Carillo (two)

The Galaxy goals-C. Quintana (two)

Ford City Bombers 2, Yellow Jackets 0

Ford City Bombers goals-K. Henry (one) A. Oelke (one)

Shin Kickers 2,
Red Devils 1

Shin Kickers goals-K. Moore (two) Assists-C. Johns (one)

Red Devils goals-V. O’Dell (one)

Division II


Karate Kids 2, Chelsea 0

Karate kids goals-D. Henry (one), S. Sweart (one)

Dominators 4,
After Shock 3

Dominators goals-L. Lopez (one), I. Meza (two), A. Saldana (one)

After shocks goals-H. Guizar (one), A. Tostado (two)

The Wrecking Crew 5, Cone Heads 0

The Wrecking Crew goals-B. Ashmore (one), K. Dayton (one), J. Leyva (three)

Division III

Dominators 1, Z Fighters 1

Dominators goals-C. Osornia (one)

Z Fighters goal-E. Reyes (one)

Street Dogs 3, After Shocks 0

Street Dogs goals-A. Camacho (one), M. Gama (one), B. Guizar (one)