Tuesday's event is a follow-up to summit held at St. Andrews

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church and the Lighthouse Four Square Gospel Church are teaming up for a follow-up to the Human Trafficking Summit held in Taft on Aug. 14.
 It will be held Tuesday at the Lighthouse, 210 Harrison St., at 7 p.m.
“We are calling this follow-up evening -- Human Trafficking 101,” said Rev Heather Mueller from St. Andrews. “We are offering it for people in Taft who were not able to come to the first one and for people who may want to be further involved.”
The follow-up is being co-sponsored by Pastor Mark Fitzsimmons and  Associate Pastor is Michael Chiarmonte from the Four Square.
St. Andrews is part of a big effort by the Episcopal Diocese of the San Joaquin to bring awareness and battle the problem of Human Trafficking
Tuesday's meetingwill include Michael Fagans  and his powerful film, “The Trafficked Life” featuring interviews with the victims of trafficking and the people making a difference in their lives.
Doug  Bennett, founder and President of Magdalene Hope, a refuge for women who have been victimized by trafficking, will be present as well,  Mueller said.
Taft is playing a big part in the entire program.
The Tour Against Trafficking, a 750-mile bike ride will start here on Oct. 2 and ends at the Diocese headquarters in Modesto.
For more information on the ride, go to the website touragainsttrafficking.org