Meanwhile, blade seals for residential street continue

Another one of Taft's deteriorated streets is going to get a new surface in the next year or so.

Kern County Supervisor David Couch's office announced on Tuesday that an application for federal funding to resurface A Street is being submitted for the 2016-17 funding cycle.

“This one has taken a long time but your Supervisor David Couch is not giving up,” said Mark Salvaggio, constituent services specialist in Couch's Office. “This project will cost a lot of money but it will be money well worth spent. A Street will be completely resurfaced. In the interim, road maintenance crews will continue to monitor this road's condition and fill potholes.”

A Street won't be the first project, however.

Repairs on the residential streets to the south is continuing and Philippine Street has a new blade seal and B Street is next.

This project will complete the first phase of resurfacing of the Taft Heights streets.