Macayla Wells, Tyler Terrell and Richard Jennings will compete in Sacramento

Now that they have gotten over the first two hurdles, Taft track and field athletes Tyler Terrell, Macayla Wells and Richard Jennings are setting their sights on competing at the National Junior Olympics in Sacramento later this month.

“I am excited to be part of it,” said their coach Ray Woolridge. “My goal for them is to set a personal record.”

“It’s a good accomplishment,” Wells said of competing in her second straight National Junior Olympics.

“Fun because you get to run and I like running,” said Jennings.

The three athletes have been practicing for seven weeks for two hours a day. They have been doing different techniques like using parachutes and strength running. They also get eight minute breaks during the training. Woolridge gave them a break following the last qualifying round by giving them a week off.

One difference for Wells this year compared to practicing last year is the chance work out with fellow competitors and according to the three friends.

“I like having the three,” said Woolridge. “It gives them a training partner.”

At the Junior Olympics, Terrell will be competing in the triple jump while Wells will be competing in three events-the 100 and 200 meter hurdles along with the triple jump. Jennings will be competing in the 80 meter hurdles.

Terrell and Wells have goals at the Junior Olympics.

“I am looking to compete,” said Terrell. “I don’t expect any one to blow me out of the water.”

“I expect to podium,” said Wells.

The Junior Olympics will run from July 25-31 with the first event for the three taking place that Wednesday.