Taft’s Logun Clark will play in Cal Ripken World Series

While some people were taking a break this summer, Taft baseball player Logun Clark was doing the opposite by playing on two different teams.

Now, Clark will get that chance to get to the highest peak when he and his Bakersfield team compete in the Major/60 division of the Cal Ripken World Series later this week in Florida.

“Great, really cool,” Clark said of the chance to go to the World Series. “It's a once in a lifetime trip.”

Clark along with the rest of his teammates from the Bakersfield Northwest All Star team will head to Ocala, Florida for the World Series.
The tournament that they will be competiing in is made up of 10 teams with four pool play games with two pools of five. After that it will be single elimination.

It won't all be about baseball with Ocala only being 45 minutes from Orlando according to Mahaffey.

The tournament runs from Aug.4-14 but according to Clark's coach Brad Mahaffey the team doesn't play until Aug.7 after a day off and an opening ceremony.

Despite the opportunity enjoy the sights and sounds, Clark is focused on baseball.

“I'll hang out but I am there just to play baseball,” said Clark.

In the leadup to the World Series, Clark and the Southwest team won the Xtreme Diamond Tournament (the World Series Warmup) that was held in Taft three weeks ago.

They were named the Regional host and won that tournament to go to the World Series.

During the regionals, the Bakersfield Northwest team faced teams from Taylorsville Utah, Arizona, Sacramento, Long Beach, Visalia and Fremont from Los Angeles.

Not only did Clark's team get over the hurdle of advancing to the Cal Ripken World Series, but he also received all tournament honors.
During the tournament, Clark went 1-for-2 in two games, and 1-3 in two others while going 2-for-2 in another and 2-for-3 in the second game of the tournament.

On the fielding side, Clark threw three innings (all in one game) allowing six strikeouts and no runs. Clark also caught 15 innings, throwing out three out of four runners in that stetch.

“He's played really well,” Mahaffey said of Clark. “He's a leader.”

Clark did all of this with the Bakersfield team after he competed for the Taft 10-12 year olds all star team that made a dramatic comeback in their final game against Arvin to win the District 61 title in Taft and to advance to the Section 7 Tournament where they lost two games.