Brian Walsh competed in Indianapolis against 10 year olds

In a span of a few days, Taft baseball player Brian Walsh got a chance to work on his game, meet people from around the country and faced competition that was older than he was after the team he played for finished second at a baseball tournament in Indianapolis this past weekend.

“It was really fun to meet friends from all over the country,” said Walsh.

Walsh played for the Baseball Youth All American team during the tournament that started last Monday and lasted until Thursday. Walsh made the team after he went to a showcase in Arizona and was chosen. Fifty five kids from around the country went to the tournament and were broken into five teams.

On his team alone, Walsh played with kids from Ohio, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Kentucky.  

During the tournament in Indianapolis Walsh, who just turned eight years old, was 7-for-13 with eight runs batted in but he didn’t do it against kids his age but against 10 year olds.  

“It felt different,” Walsh said of playing against the 10-year olds. “They were so much taller. They throw harder.”

On the defensive side, Walsh played the outfield, second base and pitching positions. Out of those positions, Walsh played the outfield position the most but his favorite position was second base.

“Because there were a lot more things to do right there than pitching,” Walsh said of why second base was his favorite position.

Along with playing baseball, the kids that participated also did posters and his was the one that was chosen.

The tournament was not all about baseball. After the tournament was over, Walsh got a chance to go to the Indianapolis Zoo. He also went to a water park and caught fireflies.

Walsh’s participation at the tournament was just one part of a busy summer for him. Earlier this year, Walsh was part of the 8-10 year olds all star team that won the District 61 Tournament in Taft before losing the Section 7 Tournament.

This weekend, Walsh will be taking part in a workout with Wilson MVP.