No cause of death pending toxicology studies

Taft Police are awaiting the results of further testing before the identity of the man whose decomposing body was found on 25 Hill on Aug. 3 and the cause of his death.

It could be seven weeks or longer before the man's name is confirmed.

The Kern County Coroner has conducted an autopsy on the victim but is awaiting further toxicological studies to determine how the man died.

In addition, DNA samples have been taken for testing to determine the man's identity, Chief of Police Ed Whiting said.

DNA and toxicology testing routinely take weeks or even months to complete.

Whiting declined to comment on whether a tentative identification of the man has been made, but said the DNA sample from the man will be compared to a possible "family member" to attempt to determine his identity.

The body was found next to a tank setting in a ravine just south of Buena Vista Place by two people , one riding a quad in the area and the second walking his dogs.

Police said at the time the death did not appear to be suspicious.