Congressman and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield)

We wake up today with a new vision for America’s future. This new day begins with the inauguration of Donald Trump as our nation’s 45th president and a Republican-led House and Senate.

Never in my time in Congress have I been so optimistic for the road ahead. Together with President Trump, we will work to create jobs, reduce the regulatory burden, and give every American a chance for a better way of life.

The past eight years have been defined by increased government in our lives and our economy. That intervention has been detrimental to communities across the country – including ours. While we work hard, play by the rules, and cherish our faith and family, the Obama administration has punished industries vital to our community and our nation.

For instance, the Obama administration’s overly-stringent environmental regulations have made it harder for Kern County’s energy development to thrive. And aside from national policies, the rhetoric against American energy production has fueled resistance to the work that powers our nation.

I believe one of the defining legacies from this new Republican-led government will be our focus on supporting the American worker who provides not just for their family, but creates a connection of doers that help make our country the most productive and advanced in the world. In addition to pro-growth regulatory and tax reform, we will get right to work on reforming our health care system that is collapsing under its own weight.

Many in Kern County have witnessed significant increases in health premiums with little access to care. Our plan is to rescue people from Obamacare’s imminent crash and provide Americans relief through access to affordable care that will actually help.

This historic day will also be viewed across the globe as the starting point for renewed American leadership across the globe. When America steps back from its leadership position on the world stage, the void is filled by bad actors like Russia. Under the Obama foreign policy our allies cannot trust us and our adversaries do not fear us. With a Republican Congress, the Trump administration will restore our credibility throughout the world.

I am confident. I am excited for this new day in America. I am ready and eager to fulfill the promise of making America great again. Our future generations depend on the work we do now. Friday’s inauguration is the cornerstone of making the blueprint for our future a reality. As House Majority Leader but more importantly, as your elected representative in our 23rd Congressional District – I am committed to listening to your concerns so that I can work with President Trump for a bright path ahead.

On the inauguration:

Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement upon the inauguration of President Donald Trump:

“Today marks not just the inauguration of a new President, but the inauguration of a new period in our country’s great history. Our future holds many great trials and victories to come, and our success as a nation depends not just on the actions of President Trump, but on choices made each day by every American.

We stand now united as a republic built upon the power of the people.

“American voters have entrusted immense authority to our new President, and we look to the future with confidence that President Trump will lead America to greatness again.”