Snapchat post threatens shooting, but police say there is "no credible threat"

Taft Police and local school officials said that a threat posted on social media threat to shoot someone at a local school on Wednesday is apparently false.

Taft Police were notified of the Snapchat post Tuesday night.

It was "by a young girl who claimed they had a gun and would shoot someone in a 4th period class today, possibly at Lincoln Jr. High School or at the Taft High School," according to a Taft PD news release issued at midday Wednesday.

Police looked into the post.

While the school resource officers assigned to local schools were alerted, no lockdowns were put into place.

"The investigation revealed there is no credible threat and no evidence of who might be making the threats," the news release said.Chief of Police Ed Whiting said officers have investigated along with Julie Graves, Superintendent of the Taft City School District and found nothing to substantiate the post.

"So far it is just a bunch of rumors," Whiting said.

However, the post set off concerns as reports of the threat circulated in the community and parents became concerned.

The Snapchat post triggered enough concerns among parents that Taft Union High School District Superintendent Blanca Cavazos issued a statement and parents of TUHS students were notified via a recorded phone message.
"Earlier today (April 5, 2017), there was a report of a potential firearm on the Lincoln Junior High School campus," Cavazos said in the written statement. "Taft Police were immediately notified and the allegations were promptly investigated. The investigations have found that no credible threat exists. While the allegations were regarding Lincoln Junior High School, initial rumors at the Taft Union High School community were that it involved the campus."

“We take seriously any allegation of a firearm on campus or violence against any member of our community," Cavazos continued. "We promptly investigate any allegation of this type. While Taft Union High School was not the subject of today’s threat, we recognize the impact and misinformation that can come from any allegation of this type. While we continue to work with law enforcement to better understand how today’s allegations arose, we want to assure the community that there is no credible threat against Taft Union High School or Lincoln Junior High School. Today’s event reminds us that we all have a role, not only in protecting our campus, but the entire community.”