Vanessa Kirby clearly approves of her successor on Netflix's The Crown.

The actress posted a picture of herself with Helena Bonham Carter, who is expected to portray Princess Margaret in the series' third season opposite Olivia Colman as the new Queen Elizabeth II, as the monarchs reach middle age.

Kirby captioned the pic simply, "honoured," as Carter looked especially enthusiastic about meeting the show's original Princess Margaret.

Honoured @thecrownnetflix

A post shared by Vanessa Kirby (@vanessa__kirby) on Jan 13, 2018 at 1:44am PST

Neither of the women appeared to be in costume, so the image may have been from a simple meet-and-greet session, but if there were any lingering doubt that Carter is taking over as the Countess of Snowdon, Kirby's pic should certainly put that to rest.

Interestingly, Carter has already portrayed one major member of the royal family before: She starred as the Queen Mother, aka Queen Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, in Tom Hooper's 2010 biopic The King Speech -- a role for which she earned her second Oscar nomination. The film focused on Elizabeth and Margaret's father, Prince Albert, who unexpectedly had to assume the throne as King George VI after his brother Edward abdicated. The princesses were both still small children in the timeline of that film.

The first two seasons of The Crown are currently streaming on Netflix.

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