A damp basement is bad news for homeowners, and a flooded basement is even worse. How can you protect your property? One solution is French drain installation in your yard or basement. Find out what it’s all about.

What are French drains?

French drains are a system of trenches and water pipes, designed to drain off groundwater. Residential French drain installation keeps excess moisture away from structures like your home’s foundation and basement, retaining walls and patios. A French drain may be either outdoors underground or indoors adjacent to a basement floor. 

Oh, and that name? French drains were developed in the 19th century by the multitalented  Henry Flagg French.

Exterior french drain installation

When you hire French drain installers, these are the usual steps they’ll follow for exterior installation:

1. Determine the best location, usually on a slope above your house, to divert water that would otherwise run downward toward the structure. Find an outlet point.

2. Excavate a trench, running horizontally across the slope. Care must be taken not to disturb existing underground plumbing pipes.

3. Line the trench with a water-permeable membrane to keep out tree roots, sand and soil.

4. Cover the membrane with 3 inches of compacted pebble gravel.

5. Install a water inlet grate.

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