It was already a warm Saturday morning when the contestants of the Red Suspenders Day Bed Races rolled their custom sleep quarters on to the line. Crowds of people gathered at the curb awaiting the annual display of endurance and silliness.

But there was more this year. A true feeling of competitiveness that heated the air even further and made for a truly memorable event. Seven teams brought forth their best teams, one coming as far as Berry Creek to try their hand.

It was a blur of pounding feet and humming tires as they raced down the straight away and back. The crowd screamed for their favorites. 

There wasn’t a blow out to be found. Each race ended within a few feet of each other as the teams gave their all. Huffing a puffing as they waited for the results of their race.

The always present Butte Auto A’s fell in the first round to a very tough veteran Company #74. They would later win a grudge match against their league rivals the Dodgers for Little League bragging rights.

Coe Shakers brought a tough run in their rookie race against Team Maui, made up of girls from the minor softball Astros, but were scored a disqualification after the crowd agreed they had left the exchange area without completing their transfer.

Team Maui’s counter part, Team Moana, had their hands full when they raced the Dodgers and looked to be in good shape until a minor snafu at the exchange line caused them to fall too far behind to  catch up despite their best efforts. 

In the end it was as it should be given the day. Volunteer Fire Company #61 out of Berry Creek, would defeat the Dodgers, and the home town Volunteers of Company #74 would beat Team Maui to make it the first fire fighter vs fire fighter championship match up in years.

The two Fire Companies traded friendly taunts at the starting line as they readied themselves, and in the end, it was one of the best finishes Gridley had seen in years with Berry Creek edging out the Gridley Volunteers by little more than half a bed length.

The Gridley Area Chamber of Commerce, the Red Suspenders day Committee, and Butte Auto Parts would like to thank all the fire fighters, businesses and little league teams that came out to compete this year and we hope to see you again next year.

 1st Place: Berry Creek Misfits 

2nd Place: Company #74

3rd Place: Team Maui 

4th Place: Butte Auto As

5th Place: Dodgers 

6th Place: Team Maui

7th Place Coe Shakers!!!