Foundation being poured now

 Taft College's new student center has been under construction for several months, but all the work has gone on largely unnoticed at ground level behind fences.
That is going to change in the coming weeks. The concrete work for the student center is being completed and the large steel beams that will provide the framework for the building will be going up in the coming weeks. Over the sumner, large concrete footings to anchor the steelwork for the 25,000 square foot structure have been poured and now the work is being completed for the concrete slab.
The slab is being poured in four stages and it has been poured in the overnight hours to allow it cure correctly. "Once the slab is completed, we'll start putting up the steel and people will see that, so that's a real milestone," said Jose Vargas of AP Architects, the West Kern Community College District architectural consultant.
The student center sits on Wildcat Way just south of the Kern County Library. Some of the old residence halls were demolished to make room for the new structure.
The project, once scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2018, was delayed by last spring's wet
weather and is running about 4 weeks behind schedule.
It is about 25 percent complete, Vargas said. Construction should be finished by mid summer and the student center should be open by the start of the fall 2018 term, Vargas said.
The student center is the last major project funded by Measure A, a $39.8 million bond passed by voters in 2004.
Once the student center is ready for occupancy the college plans to convert the existing cafeteria into a vocational center.