Officers were in Berkeley to assist with protests

Oakland Police are investigating the theft of two weapons from a police SUV on Sunday.

The handguns were in a bag and left inside a locked vehicle while the officers were in a restaurant for lunch.
The officers were traveling on police business.

"We're taking this very seriously. The loss of any gun is very serious," Chief of Police Ed Whiting said. "We've never lost a gun at Taft PD before. I've been here 32 years and we've never lost a gun."

Whiting said at midday Monday that Oakland Police were "actively following up leads."

Taft Police will also investigate.

An internal investigations is underway.

"The Police Department will be reviewing its current policies and to see if additional training is needed to insure this does not happen again,"Whiting said later in a news release.

The officers were part of a contingent of five Taft Police officers called in to assist with security at Free Speech Week at UC Berkeley.

The anticipated protests were not as large as had been anticipated, Whiting said, and the officers were released Saturday night.

After spending the night in a motel, the stopped at the restaurant in Oakland.

The theft took place while they were inside.

"It was a 'smash and grab,' " Whiting said.

The suspect broke out a rear window, grabbed a bag containing the guns and ran away.

One of the weapons was a city-owned Glock and the other was a personal weapon belonging to one of the officers.

The SUV has no police markings, but does have E-plates designating it as a government vehicle.

Whiting and City Manager Craig Jones said the city will be reimbursed by the University of California, City of Berkeley and California Office of Emergency Services for the cost of sending the officers to assist with security.