It will be 48 inches in diameter and backlit

Taft Oildorado Inc. is going to add the finishing touch to the City's new transit center and banquet room and it's not going to cost the City another penny.
Paul Linder, president of the executive board of the group that puts on Taft's every-five-year celebration, said the group wants to help complete the $2 million structure on Supply Row right next to the Oilworker Monument with a large clock to go in the tower of the building, built in the style of an old railroad station.
Linder made the offer at a Taft City Council meeting held in the nearly-complete building Tuesday evening.
He said the group is ready to donate a 48-inch diameter, backlit clock and can have it ready in four to six weeks after the City gives the go-ahead.
It will cost between $5,000 and $6,000, Linder said.
Accepting the donation is going to be put on the Nov. 7 Council meeting.
In addition, Linder came with a request from Taft Oildorado.
The group wants the City to name the large banquet room that looks out of the Oilworker Monument the Oildorado Room to honor Taft's heritage.