A Street, Church Street contracts awarded

A long-awaited street project is going to get underway in the coming weeks in Taft and a second one nearby is already getting underway.

The Church Street resurfacing project is going to start in mid-November and is scheduled to be completed in early December.

Just to the south, Granite Construction is starting preliminary work on the A Street resurfacing proect
The Taft City Council last week awarded a $277,950 bid to Griffith Company to replace the road surface on Church Street from Pilgrim Avenue to the north alley behind Rainer Avenue.

Construction is tentatively scheduled to start on Nov. 13 and be completed in 15 working days, according to a city staff report.

This stretch of street has long been at the top of the city's priority for repairs, but was delayed waiting for funding and completion of handicapped ramps on sidewalks.

"It's been a long time coming," City manager Craig Jones.

The project is largely federally funded through the Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) and handicapped ramps must be installed to be eligible for the money.

The city did that part itself to save money.

The RSTP funds cover 72 percent ($198,770) and the city will pay the remaining 28 percent ($79,180).

There will be some inconvenience for residents during the three week project as first one side of the street is stripped of pavement and a new layer laid down.

There will be no street parking while the construction is underway and driveway access also may be limited at times.

The resurfacing of A street is coming soon, also.

The Kern County Board of Supervisors approved a $761,830 contract for that project

Jones said last week Granite has taken out permits for the project, which is mostly in the county but includes parts of the street inside the city limits.

Preliminary work has started and temporary no parking signs line both sides of the street.

That project will recover A Street from Tenth Street to Arroyo Way.