The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced today that it is recommending that a $1.08 million grant be awarded for the Indian Wells Valley (IWV) Brackish Groundwater Water Feasibility Study. The funds will come from Round 4 of the Water Desalination Grant Program under Proposition 1.

The Indian Wells Valley Water District (IWVWD) submitted the application for the grant on behalf of the IWV Brackish Water Study Group (Study Group). IWVWD, Coso Geothermal, Searles Valley Minerals, and Mojave Pistachios are the funding members of the Study Group. The US Navy and Meadowbrook Dairy also participate as members of the Study Group. The grant application was prepared by aquilogic, consultant to the Study Group.

This project is of critical importance to IWV, as brackish water could be part of the overall solution to the water supply challenges facing all water users in the valley. The current study will focus on mapping and quantifying the brackish groundwater resource, assessing the effects of brackish groundwater pumping on the basin, evaluating brackish water development and treatment options, and developing the scope of a brackish water pilot study. The IWVWD looks forward to sharing the result of the study when they become available later in 2018.

While IWVWD submitted the grant application, the project would not be possible without the financial and technical support provided by the Study Group members and aquilogic. This project is an example of how cooperative and collaborative efforts can help solve the water challenges facing the valley.