Board approves part-time position for Shannon Jones

The West Side Health Care Foundation and West Side Health Care District have agreed to bring on some extra help to raise funds for the new medical clinic.

The Health Care District voted Wednesday evening to hire Shannon Jones to work part time to raise the money to supplement a District contribution and a federal loan to fund a $9 million clinic that will be built over the next year.
Jones has been director of marketing and operations for the Taft District Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, a part-time position, for the past eight years and has also worked on for the Taft College Foundation.
She is a law student and also a member of the Taft Planning Commission.
The decision to bring Jones on board was made after discussions between Health District Executive Director Jerry Starr and Bob Hampton, co-founder and president of the Health Care Foundation.

They agreed on Jones and Jones has accepted the position, Starr told the Board Wednesday night.
She will be working on her own for up to 20 hours per week at an undisclosed salary (paid by the District) and will not require any office space.

The Foundation is expected to play a key role in raising more than $4 million million locally to supplement a long-term low interest $5 million loan for the new clinic, which will be located next to the existing West Side Family Health Care clinic at First and North.