McCormick wants TCSD students to have active shooter drills

Wednesday's mass shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 students and adults dead weighed on the Taft City School District Board of Education as it discussed the school resource officer position a few hours after the news broke.
"This is another tragic day for all of us," said Les Clark. "To move in any way to do something that affects the safety of our students is something I'm  not going to vote for.  If there's one thing we have to do as a school board it's to provide safe schools for our kids."
The Board was discussing talks to get a school resource officer though the Kern County Sheriff's Office when the discussion turned to school safety
Mike McCormick asked if there was ongoing training for teachers and staff to deal with an active shooter situation.
Superintendent Julie Graves said that while several teachers did attend training, there is no ongoing training for others.
And, while the schools have an annual earthquake drill and monthly fire drills, there are no drills for an active shooter situation.
McCormick said that needs to change.
"I think that is something you need to practice," he said. "When kids panic. they don't follow directions, they don't leave calmly. They need to do it in an orderly fashion to save lives."
Keith McElmurry agreed.
"It's a lot more relevant than the duck and cover drills because the rockets are coming from Russia that I did as a kid," he said.