Board was going to consider $85 million, but that was reduced after community input

The West Kern Community College District is going to seek voter approval for a bond on the June 5 ballot, but it has scaled back the amount it will ask for.
The WKCCD Board voted 5-0 Wednesday to pass a resolution placing a $50 million general obligation bond before the voters
It's a significant reduction from the $85 million figure the Board was discussing just a month ago, but Superintendent-President Deb Daniels said its a more realistic figure reached after talking with community leaders.
"As we talked to our leaders and constituencies and as we got more feedback, (the District) thought perhaps $85 million was too much in these economic times," Daniels said.
The District conducted a feasibility study last fall and surveyed voters to get input.
In January, the board was told by its consultants that the results were positive.
The $85 million figure was to complete the master plan for Taft College, but the $50 million, on top of the money already spent through Measure A, should get the college the essentials.
"I have heard from a lot of people," said Trustee Mike Long. "When we talked to our constituency, at least the ones I talked too, and this is a much better figure."
Through measure a, passed by voters in 2004 raised $39 million locally and was leveraged to get more than $100 million to modernize the existing TC campus and pay for a new Transition to Independent Living Center and new student center.
College officials ay much more work remains to be done for the undersized and landlocked TC campus, including off-site land acquisition to relocate athletic fields to open up more of the campus for parking and classroom space, building a new technology center and replacing temporary classroom still in use.
The bond plan drew unanimous support from the Board.
"It's just another phase in our long-term vision for Taft College," said Board president Dawn Cole. "Its an investment in education"
I think this is a god move," said Trustee Kathy Orrin.
Daniels said the resolution calls for any of the bond money not spent in 15 years to be retired to save taxpayer money.