If teachers approve MOU, District Board could vote to eliminate 16 positions

The Taft Union High School District is preparing to make deep cuts in its teaching staff through attrition and even layoffs as it faces projection of significant revenue drops in the coming years.

Tuesday night the TUHS District Board could vote to eliminate the equivalent of 16 teaching positions, many in core subjects, for the coming school year.

The agenda for the meeting, moved to Tuesday because of the Presidents Day holiday, including a potential vote to approve a memorandum of understanding with the TUHS Teachers Association and the District involving a retirement incentive plan to cut jobs through attrition and another resolution establishing tie breaking procedures for seniority if the District lays off certificated staff.

However, the vote on the MOU is based on ratification by the TUHSTA earlier in the day on Tuesday

If the MOU is ratified by the teachers, the Board is scheduled to act on the MOU and proposed cuts after a closed session. The Board meeting starts at 6 p.m.

Among the cuts recommended by Superintendent Blanca Cavazos are two full-time equivalents (FTEs) each in English, math and special education, 2.2 FTEs in physical education, one each biological science, Spanish, social science and business as well as one FTE in career education and fashion retail.

Not all of the cuts are going to come through retirements or layoffs.
The MOU also calls for the elimination of a "resource period" which is allotted to each teacher along with a prep period.

If adopted, teachers would now have six teaching periods per day instead of five.

The cuts in the MOU are part of an overall cost cutting program that includes elimination of the school's water polo program.

Included in the agenda packet is a report from athletic director Pete Lango detailing the costs of each of the school's sports programs.