Assemblyman responds to $13 billion cost increase and 5 year operation delay

Assemblyman Vince Fong (R-Kern County) again criticized spending on California's controversial High Speed Rail project.
He released the following statement in response to a recent $13 billion cost increase and 5 year operation delay of High Speed Rail.
“After a 77% increase in cost for the Central Valley portion of the bullet train that was revealed just a few months ago, now we are seeing another $13 billion total cost increase and another 5 year delay for rail operation," Fong said. "This continues to be an irresponsible project and an ever-growing burden on California’s taxpayers. Making it worse, Sacramento Democrats continue to support this very expensive project as they  raise taxes and fees every year— making California more unaffordable to live and work. Its time to put hardworking taxpayers first.”