Defendant pleaded no contest to starting fire in South Taft

Another arson defendant convicted a series of structure fires in Taft in 2017 was sentenced to state prison.

Caesar Ramon Aguilar, 25, received a four-year state prison term on Tuesday for a no-contest plea to a single count of causing a fire in an inhabited structure.

Aguilar was arrested by Kern County Sheriff's deputies in Taft on Nov. 6, a few hours after a fire broke out in vacant house on the 900 block of Pico.

Sheriff's deputies were responding to a reported trespasser on Pico when Aguilar fled, according to reports at the time, and the house was starting to catch fire.

Firefighters arrived and extinguished the fire before it could case major damage.

Aguilar was caught several hours later by deputies responding to a disturbance call in Taft Heights, and was turned over to Kern County Fire Department arson investigators.

Aguilar is the third person sentenced to prison in connection with a series of fires, most of which broke out in vacant homes or duplexes in Taft Heights and South Taft in 2017.