It could cost up to $500 for some offenses

Parking scofflaws beware:
The City of Taft is raising the fines for parking violations for the first time in almost two decades and the Taft Police Department is going to be actively enforcing city ordinances and vehicle codes for parking.
The Taft City Council unanimously approved the new fee schedule, the first update since 1999 at its April 3 meeting.
New Chief of Police Damon McMinn said officers will be out looking for violators, but not planning special patrols.
McMinn said it will just be "good old fashioned police work."
"Simple plan on my part…Direct the TPD Officers to become more proactive in their day to day patrols regarding traffic and parking violations," he said in an email response to a question from the Taft Midway Driller.
Violators will pay a hefty price for some violations, especially for violations involving handicapped and wheelchair access.
If you don't have a handicapped placard and park in a space designated for handicapped, it could cost you $450.
It's the same penalty for blocking wheelchair access.
Misuse of a handicapped placard will cost even more - $500.
Here is the complete parking violation fee schedule for both the Taft Municipal Code (TMC) and California Vehicle Code (CVC).

TMC Section and Penalty

 2-13-4(L) Driving or parking upon City Parks/grass $ 58.00

3-4-6(b) Parking/storage on unimproved surface $ 58.00

6-14-2(K) Parking in residential front yards (warning first) $ 58.00

9-7-6 Riding/Driving on sidewalk $ 58.00

9-9-3 Stopping, standing and parking prohibited

In specified places:

9-9-3(A) Within any divisional island $ 38.00

9-9-3(B) Between projected property lines of a public

walk, steps

9-9-3(C) Designated no parking areas (red curb) or indicated $ 38.00

by signs

9-9-3(D) Parked in Intersection, parking constituting

traffic hazard $ 38.00

9-9-3(E) Street posted 24 hr. in advance for cleaning

repair, etc. $ 38.00

9-9-3(F) Within 20 feet of a point opposite the mid-block

end of safety zone when curb is painted red $ 38.00

9-9-3(G) Within 20 feet of a crosswalk in a business

district when curb is painted red $ 38.00

9-9-3(H) Within 20 feet of the approach of a traffic

control device $ 38.00

9-9-3(I) Unattended vehicles within 5 feet of hydrant $ 80.00

9-9-4 No parking in alleys unless unloading $ 58.00

9-9-5 No parking in designated prohibited areas $ 58.00

9-9-7 Vehicles parked in excess of 72 hrs. $ 58.00

9-9-7 Recreational vehicles in excess of 72 hrs. $150.00

9-9-8 Vehicles parked in streets for purpose of sale $ 58.00

9-9-9 Repairing vehicles on street $ 58.00

9-9-13(B) Yellow zone- Loading/unloading only $ 38.00

9-9-15 Parking in unloading zone for other purpose $ 38.00

9-9-16 Parking in passenger loading zone for other purpose $ 38.00

9-9-19A Parking on one-way 18” from left hand wheel $ 38.00

9-9-20 Angle Parking $ 38.00

within lines of allotted space

Front right wheel within 6 in. from curb

9-9-22 Parking between 2:30 am and 5:30 am when posted $ 38.00

9-9-23 Uncoupled commercial trailer/semi-truck $150.00

9-12-2 Commercial semi-truck parked off route $150.00

CVC Section  and Penalty

22500(f) Blocking or overhanging the sidewalk right-of-way $160.00

22500(l) Obstructing wheelchair access $250.00

22500(1) Parking in fire lanes $150.00

22500(e) Blocking driveway $ 38.00

22500(h) Double parked $ 38.00

22502(a) Right hand wheel 18” from curb $ 38.00

22507.8(a) Parking in spaces designated for disabled person

prohibited $450.00

22507.8(b) Blocking or obstructing disabled parking stall $282.00

22511.56(a) Misuse of disabled placard $500.00

22515(a) Unattended vehicles $ 80.00

22515(b) Unattended vehicles/other than motor vehicle $ 38.00

22522 Parking near sidewalk access ramps $282.00

5204(a) Vehicle with expired tab (registration) parked on street $ 58.00