Sites are in the area of Tenth and Supply Row

Preliminary plans for commercial buildings in the Sunset Rails on Rails to Trails are under review by the City of Taft Planning Department.

Few details on the possible new developments are being released by the City.

If any of the projects are built, it would be the first commercial developments in the Sunset Rails since the Best Western opened.

The City purchased the property more than 10 years ago to open up more commercial land adjacent to the city's traditional downtown corridor.

City Manager Craig Jones hinted at the potential new developments at the State of the City Luncheon last week and discussed them Tuesday morning.

Sunset Rails Developer Geary Coats has submitted preliminary site plans for a couple of sites on the west end of the development near Tenth Street, and a chain store is doing the same, Jones said.

Jones said the Coats projects would have smaller, suite-style storefronts to house either retail shops or businesses.

Coats is the developer hired by the city to lead the development on the Sunset Rails property which runs on both sides of Rails to Trails, which stretches from 10th to Second Streets between Main and Front.

The other potential development is for an undisclosed chain store.
The site under consideration is on the east side of Tenth between Supply row and Front Street.

"I can't say what it's for other than a large chain store," Jones said.

In the past there has been discussions about Dollar General building a store there.